Balance Fitness is Rebranding

December 17, 2018by admin

Balance Fitness is rebranding! But why?

The answer is simple. Balance Fitness is rebranding because it needs to. And the new image is all about you!

I have had the chance to speak with many soon-to-be members, and have had them all explain to me the reasons why their last fitness regime did not go as planned. And the answers were almost always the same:

  • They did not have the support I needed
  • They did not have the motivation to do it on their own
  • It just was not fun anymore

At Balance Fitness, we have heard this, and moving forward are focusing on making sure these issues do not present themselves in anyone else’s fitness journey.

Going to a big box gym can be scary, intimating, and many find it hard to self motivate. It is these factors that need to be addressed in order to fix the fitness industry, and help improve lives!

Balance Fitness is going to do this.

To accomplish this, Balance Fitness is rebranding and changing the customer experience. What does that mean? Well to start we will:

  • know each member’s name
  • help them check in at the door
  • bring them over to our lounge to hang out and chat

Our goal is to create a social environment, where members take photos together in front of our Hollywood sign, laugh, and talk about their weekends.

We are investing in building our community!

We want you to feel free to stay after a session and chat. If I am not there, then book an appointment to sit with me. I would love to hear from you, and know how I can personally make your fitness experience top notch!