From Humble Beginnings

December 17, 2018by admin

When Balance Fitness was first born it was quite different than it is today. From humble beginnings, we began as two women embracing a journey to help our community become fit and active. We have grown to a team of ten personal trainers and instructors. Balance Fitness is far more than just one personal trainer helping one client reach their goal. It is a team effort. When you walk in the door you are greeted and made to feel like apart of our fitness family. We strive to make those personal connections with each of our members to make them feel special, welcome, and valued.

When someone decides to start a fitness journey, the first step they take is reaching out for help. Balance Fitnesswants to be the hand that helps lead them on their way. To do this, we need the help and support from our members to truly embrace the concept of social fitness that we want to bring to our community. Living a healthy lifestyle and becoming active is not a solo journey. Balance Fitness is a hub, where like minded people come together and support each other in reaching their goals.

During our group training sessions, members build friendships and connections with people they would have otherwise never have met. These friendships are critical in helping our members reach their goals and continuing a healthy and active life. Our inviting atmosphere and community lounge is where friendships form. During group fitness classes are where those friendships turn into support and encouragement to succeed.

Balance Fitness has become a community place where like minded people can connect and have fun while being active. This sense of community is what sets us apart and why our members see better results.

From humble beginnings we started, and from there we will continue to grow and have an impact.