I Am Balance Fitness

December 17, 2018by admin

Hi everyone. My name is Nick Betts and I am Balance Fitness.

Something I’ve struggled with my entire life is finding somewhere that I truly belong; something I can identify with and at the end of the day be able to say, “I’m right where I’m supposed to be and this is what I’m meant to do.”

Being along for the ride since I first started at Jumpstart Fitness back in March of 2014, it has been an incredible experience watching the company blossom into Balance Fitness, taking it from an old converted church into the great facility it’s in today.

I have watched the ownership grow, learn and constantly challenge themselves to bring the best product to their members. I have witnessed staff members and trainees come and go as with business everywhere. But I can tell you one thing – those who come to Balance Fitness will never forget it.

It begins with walking in the door. Very seldom have I walked into Balance Fitness and made it further than five feet without someone either saying hello or at least acknowledging my presence there. You’ll be greeted immediately by someone who is genuinely interested in you. The facilities offer everything you could want from a fitness experience. There are free weights, machines, cardio equipment, classes and much more on the way. Balance Fitness has made it very easy for me to accomplish my goals as well as materializes a clear direction for how to get the results that I want.

Since I started training with Jade and Joel I’ve accomplished the one thing I set out to find – myself. In each and every person there is a fire that burns. Over the years I began to neglect myself and let me fire go out. All it took to regain the spark was the mantra of believing in myself. It’s been a great few years; I’ve experienced success when I put my mind to it and failures when I take my foot off the gas. Regardless of my own state of mine, Jade and Joel have always been there encouraging me to put in the effort and never once did they let me down.

This in turn has spilled over to boost my self-confidence. I currently run my own fitness journey’s Facebook group #ThisIsOurStory where I try use my successes in order to motivate others. I did a Video Testimonial for Balance Fitness in the past that actually encouraged someone to join. To that point, I try to give a loud voice to those who are too shy to open up. Which is very evident as you’ll usually hear me before you see me.

If Balance Fitness has taught me anything it’s to never give up on your dreams and that it’s okay to lose your way every now again but that there will be people in your corner as soon as you decide to step back in the arena.

I am Balance Fitness, and I encourage you to be the same. It’s time to throw aside the excuses and mediocrity; step outside of your comfort zone and be a part of our growing family.

… and don’t worry; there is always a seat for you at our table.