What is Going on at Balance Fitness

December 17, 2018by admin

So, what is going on at Balance Fitness? Well, many of you have probably already realized a difference in things over the last few weeks. We have made some significant changes to our space. We are creating new and exciting events. Our messaging is more on point and focused. And there is a reason for this.

We want, no need, to serve all of you better!

Some of you are saying “No way, you guys are awesome!”. And we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts. But let’s be honest, we are in a service industry, and we need to be doing better for you every day, providing you the value that you need. And to do that, we feel that we need to focus.

So we sat and thought about it. Then we sat and talked about it. Then we started writing about it. And what we came up with was a mission to help members improve their overall personal health and wellness through community, fitness, and nutrition. But what does that mean? Well:


There are some things that we all need in order to be successful when improving our health and wellness. And that is support. With out that, things will get tough, and you will get discouraged. At Balance Fitness, we want to focus first on the community, and make sure that everyone has the support they need to succeed. Everything stems from community.


The next big thing that the community can help you with is fitness. There are trainers of course that can spend one on one time with you, and that is a great way to get to where you want to go. But we want to see members take part in our group fitness sessions. These are fun, high energy sessions where you get to work out with friends and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


The final focus is nutrition. Everyone knows that 80% of your success in any health and wellness plan stems from what you put into your body. As the saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”. But we also know that sticking to a diet is hard. This is where having a community of people to support you is so important. And we provide the tools and sessions to make this happen.

So you asked “What is going on at Balance Fitness?”, and here it is. We formalized our philosophy, our approach. And now we are going to run things the way to best support you.