From Jade

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick!

2018…it is here. With a New Year comes a new mindset, and generally New Year Resolutions. Although, any time should be an ideal time to make a change, the New Year is better than never.

The success or failure of your resolution is largely dependent on your approach. Here are a few tips on how to properly plan out, and achieve your New Year Resolutions.

  1. Know Why You Want to Change

Define, understand, and embrace your “why”. The ‘why’ behind your change is your internal motivation; and the only thing that can overcome all obstacles.

  1. Measure It

Put a number or landmark on your resolution. This will help keep focus, and allow you to channel what you are working towards. Some ideas, how much weight are you going to lose? How many charities are you going to give back to? How many times are you going to make it to the gym per week? Try to ensure your resolution allows you to measure your progress along the way.

  1. Action It

So, you have made a resolution to lose 10lbs, this is not enough. You have to actually plan out how you’re going to ensure that you’re making it to the gym and what exercise program you’re going to follow. As well, you must consider the steps you’ll take if you fail on a certain action.

  1. Make It Public

Research shows that many goals fail because people do not voice them, and thus if they are unsuccessful they are protected from criticism. This year you should write down your resolution and proceed to tell your family, friends, co-workers and post it on your Facebook. This will light a fire under your ass and keep you accountable to others you have voiced it to.

  1. Know your priority

It’s easy to make excuses for why you may not be committing yourself to achieving your goal. You are busy, your kids, spouse, family, social events get in the way, you’re stressed at work. If it is important enough you will find a way, if it is not you will find an excuse.