Michael Anthony John Skochylas


Shout out to an incredible member, Michael Anthony John Skochylas for his transformation, and his inspiring dedication!

“I’ve been looking for the right opportunity for a long time to present itself to make some changes; something I would enjoy, something I can stick to, something that works and something that provides results. Enter Balance Fitness and an introduction from my wife. All it took was a couple of classes and I was hooked. As a member of this gym I will on a regular basis participate in 5 classes a week; throw in some personal training, 5k runs, swimming, biking, transformation challenges, bridge lunges and the result is some gains; and some losses.

Gain? Yes. What have I gained? Friends, encouragement, muscle, confidence, stamina, strength, the ability to run 5k and the list goes on.

Losses? Of course. Weight, body fat, fear of trying new things, fear of inability to accomplish goals, fear of what others think and again the list goes on.

Thanks to my wife and Sean Murphy for introducing me to this gym. Thanks to my new family at Balance Fitness for your support, friendship, training and encouragement. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

And to quote a famous trainer “Your stronger than you think”!”

Mike Skochylas