Wanda Hebert

“Growing up through school years, I was not the one who would partake in physical activities and it really showed in the size of me. I remember when I was roughly 20 years old and the zipper ripped in my size 16 jeans and weighing approximately 200lbs. Well, times had to change for me. Mom and I began walking for some time and I lost some weight that way but I chose to join Nubody’s/Goodlife to try to up the results. I was there for several years but as time went on, I needed something more because it wasn’t challenging for me and I wasn’t seeing the progress that I was wanting. So in 2015, I joined 3rd Degree Training, which I did see progress during the first little while. But again I needed something more. Then in Jan 2016, I decided I would like to start personal training so I began training with Jade at Balance Fitness. Best fitness decision I’ve ever made. I feel the best today at age 41 than I ever did mentally and physically. Losing weight, inches and lowering the body fat %, and building muscle.


Weighing below 150 lbs is now a reality. Feeling stronger and more confident in myself and as I am told, “Oh Wanda your not shy, you can do that” Once upon a time, I was very shy. April 2017, I participated in a fashion show held at my church, St. John’s Anglican Church, Westphal and felt really good about myself. Especially, trying on the clothes at Alia/Tanjay was the best feeling with sizes like 8 and 10 pants. I am considering to step up on the Church Parish Council in 2018 and put my name forward for a Warden. Years ago, I would never have considered it. Through Balance Fitness, I was introduced to a meal plan and meal planning, which became important parts of my journey. Also, I learned that positive thinking is such an important part of daily life. I had ran several 5k runs, a few 10k runs, and just finished the 15k run at the Maritime Race Weekend in Sept. 2017. Balance Fitness will always be a part of my life doing Personal training and fitness classes, as I never want to end up where I once was.”