Balance Fitness was founded in 2010 when two young women, Jade Martin and Erika French, knew there was something missing from the health and fitness industry. Something BIG was missing!

Soon after they entered the Corporate Big Box Gym world they knew that their client needed so much more than fancy amenities and flashy gym equipment.

In the Corporate Gym world members were just a number and the mass of people would often make many people feel intimated and nervous. This would leave many people feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and alone. So many people think that joining a gym or a fitness club they are going to get results and get motivated.

This is simply NOT the case. Motivation is a cycle of ups and downs and this is what causes many people to start and stop over and over again only to be more frustrated than before. 

There are 2 things EVERYONE needs to make a change in their health…

1. Consistency is the driving force of change. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it’s slow but progress is progress.

2.  Accountability is the glue that drives consistency and without this success rates drop to zero the moment failure happens.

We quit and give up when faced with struggles simply because we are doing it alone.

This is where the 3 Pillars Of Success was born and makes up the entire CORE of Balance Fitness. 

Pillar 1: Movement

Each member at Balance Fitness is encouraged and motivated to move at their own pace and fitness level. We are all unique and everyone moves differently and is encouraged to challenge themselves within their physical means. Movement should be enjoyable and fun so it can be sustainable for long term health.

Pillar 2: Nutrition

Each member at Balance Fitness is given access to nutrition programming and coaching. The food we consume fuels our bodies and we promote healthy eating along with finding the balance of indulging in treats from time to time. We focus on proper nutrition to see the best results not only externally but internally as well

Pillar 3: Mindset

Maybe the most important focus at Balance Fitness as we feel a new journey can only begin when you are Mentally ready. Each member at Balance Fitness has access to Mindset coaching and workshops offered weekly to help with a variety of issues we face when dealing with our mental health. From body image, eating disorders and binging, learning to love yourself, finding your self worth, happiness, dealing with anger and trauma, or losing a loved one. Everyone has a different story and having a Healthy mindset is so critical in the overall journey to optimal Balanced Health.

These Pillars are embedded in our Team Culture and Community and this is why our members have the HIGHEST success rate for long term results!

We focus on all 3 of these Pillars and meet our members where they are at in their fitness journey.

Everyone has a different and unique journey and we understand how these 3 Pillars make up a sustainable and long term lifestyle change.

We work with each member with all 3 Pillars to guide them with the knowledge and tools they need to make long term changes and maintain their goals.