Position: Owner
Nickname: Jade-o-rade
Years of Experience: 10
Certifications: CanFitPro PTS Pro Trainer, Effective Lifestyle Nutrition, NSSAF Coaching, DAT –Posture Assessments and Treatment, FIrst Aid/CPR
Specialties: Customized Nutrition for Mind and Body.
Favorite Exercise: Anything focused on strength or empowerment. The Battle Ropes, or Sleds are great for that!
Favorite Food: Rare Steak, and Date Squares
Pet Peeve: I absolutely can’t stand the sound or feeling of pantyhose on legs. It makes me nauseous and I get goosebumps over my entire body.

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

Health and Fitness has given me a purpose. It has allowed me discover more about myself, and feel free! Coming from a past filled of drug abuse, and mental health issues, fitness has allowed me to fulfill my dream of helping others, thus, in turn helping myself.

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

I was struggling my way through Dalhousie, taking Architecture, and really not loving it. I was sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired, and found an outlet in the gym. I was so motivated by seeing others results, that I wanted to dive deeper and know everything I could know. Through the journey of learning, I found my passion. I found my purpose, and I found the courage to spread my wings.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1. I was named the youngest entrepreneur in NS, opening my first gym at the age of 19.

2. I have a twin sister, who is also an entrepreneur.

3. I can say the alphabet backwards (I learned it backwards before I learned in forwards and was almost held back in school because of this).

4. In order to gain in depth knowledge on nutrition, I use myself as an experiment. This way I can understand how my nutrition clients are feeling on different kinds of nutrition programs. I also do this because I am on a personal quest to feel the best I can possibly feel, and believe that there is no 1 type of eating that works for everyone. Some programs include, fasting, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, carnivore, alcohol free, high carb, and competition prep diets

Position: Owner
Nickname: Drill Sergeant
Years of Experience: 12
Certifications: CanFitPro PTS Pro Trainer, GLPTI, DAT-Posture Assessments and Treatment, First Aid/CPR
Specialties: Fat loss, Bodybuilding, Bikini Competition, Mindset Coaching
Favorite Exercise: Anything with LEGS!
Pet Peeve: People who only talk about themselves and half naked social media photos!

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

It literally saved my life. I lost 100lbs and focused on letting go of my fears and failures to be the best version of myself. My childhood was a struggle as I had an absent father and was left struggling with my self worth and feeling like I mattered. As I became older I turned to food for comfort which caused me to become over 200lbs and very overweight to the point of obesity. I knew I had to make a change before I ended up like my grandmother who was morbidly obese. After doing some deep work on my mindset I found a system that works and created it with my partner Jade Martin to bring you Balance Fitness.

Why did you decide to become a Balance FItness Trainer?

The fitness industry focused on exercise and nutrition but what about the mindset? What about making people feel like they belong? This is what was missing in the fitness industry and why I decided that enough was enough and something needed to change. I love challenging my members not only physically but mentally and focusing on non-scale victories. By learning how to love yourself and compassion for others is the key to having a fulfilling life and this is what I try to bring to Balance Fitness everyday.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd facts about yourself.

1.My first language was Hungarian and I never learned English until I was 5 years old.

2. I was born in Atlanta Georgia but have lived in Mississippi, Alberta, Newfoundland and now Nova Scotia.

3. I have gone skydiving once and would totally do it again! Next time I want to go higher!

4. I love to travel and the coolest place I experienced was the underwater caves in Mexico called the Cenotes.

Position: General Manager
Nickname: Sue
Years of Experience: 1+
Certifications: Bachelor of Arts/concentration in Child Studies MSVU , ISSA Personal Training , ISSA Nutrition Coach, CPR
Favorite Exercise: sled push, anything with weights or bands
Favorite Food: Mediterranean
Pet Peeve: poor grammar

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

Being overweight for most of my life and then losing 40lbs and 31 inches has helped me to see how important it it is to be as fit as I can be and how much having on extra weight impacts so many areas of a persons health and makes me wish I had focused on my health at an earlier age.

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

I’ve always had a passion to help others,from small children to the elderly and joining Balance Fitness 2 years ago helped me to see that I could do this from a health and fitness standpoint. The community atmosphere and mindset practice that is nurtured at Balance Fitness along with their goal of making each member their healthiest inside and out made me want to be a part of that and helped me make that career change. As a personal trainer and accountability coach , my goal is to teach others to build a life they love, through learning the right habits, discipline and mindset. So, if I find myself helping impact at least one person to be inspired and motivated to make a change towards creating a better life for themselves, then I feel fulfilled.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1. I got my first tattoo at 50

2. I’ve never had a Beaver Tail

3. I won $20,000 once on a scratch ticket

4. I lost 45lbs on the Keto diet


Position: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer
Nickname: “Woody”, “Dad”, “Coach”
Years of Experience: 8 years involved in fitness / exercise. One year as a Personal Trainer / Group Instructor
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Specialties: People person above all else. Ability to live an adult life while being a huge kid on the inside.
Favorite Exercise: Can’t narrow it down. Enjoy them all (except a leg day with Neal Palas)
Favorite Food: Pizza and Sour Patch Kids
Pet Peeve: Chewing Loudly, Drivers cutting you off only to go slow once in front of you, and the “fake side” of social media

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

After being involved in sports as a youngster, life threw some curve balls and from my later teenage years to late 20’s I lived a life of poor choices, a reckless way of living, and an overall disregard for my health. After stepping into a gym for the first time at 27, something clicked, and now some 10 years later fitness has helped me reshape my lifestyle, restructure my day to day routine, and overall rebuild myself and the way I view and live my life. Fitness has given me an overall appreciation for health in all aspects (physical, mental, as well as emotional), as well as self care and self development as a process

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

Knowing Jade and Erika for close to 10 years now, I have been affiliated with Balance Fitness for roughly the same amount of time in one form or another. The combination of the vibe and community they were trying to create, seeing members wanting to transform their lifestyle, as well as my appreciation and gratitude for what fitness had done for me, becoming a personal trainer and playing a role in others lifestyle transformations was a very motivating and natural feeling next step.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1) Along with being a Personal Trainer, I have been a Youth Worker for the last 10 years, working with youth in residential care, hospitals, with families in their community, and now with Schools Plus and HRCE in a school setting.

2) I am a husband, father of a nine year old young man, and a soon to be new dad to a baby boy in March 2020

3) I was blessed with a mother who, after knowing her for only 13 years, left us far too early, but with that, left me with many skills and character traits that I appreciate and am more grateful for the older I get. Blessed to have known her

4) I believe whole heartedly that we are all here to help each other, especially those coming behind us. Do your best. Do the right thing. And be happy with who’s looking back in the mirror at the end of the day.

Name: Aidrick Neal Palas
Position: Personal Trainer
Nickname: Neal
Years of Experience: 5 yrs
Certifications: ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association), Can Fit Pro CPR, PJKA Shotokan KACST Chapter brown belt
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Fitness Boxing, Proper Execution, Form & Techniques in exercise
Favorite Exercise: I love doing Legs, Calves, Chest, Back, Shoulder, Arms & Abs,.. I mean everything lol
Favorite Food: Rice #whitericegainzs, potatoes, fish, beef & chips!
Pet Peeve: “the sound of styrofoam rubbing against it

1. How has health and fitness impacted your life?
Always feel good whenever i have a great workout not only in a physical side but in all aspect. It changes my outlook in life in terms of a healthy living. Also i got hooked up in helping people achieved their health goals.

2. Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?
Always wanted to be in fitness industry with a pleasant and healthy environment with all the positivity around.

3. List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.
*Can Play Guitar ,Play Basketball, Being a Bodybuilder and Being a Dad & a Husband

Position: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer
Nickname: Cross
Years of Experience: 12 years football, 2 years Muy Thai, 2 years Military (Infantry)
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/CPR
Specialties: Strength and conditioning for sports or activities
Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts
Favorite Food: SUSHI

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

Health and fitness is my whole life, being able to help my friends and family is an amazing feeling and it is incredible satisfying watching someone reach their goals knowing that you had a part in getting them there.

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

Balance Fitness was my first employer as a personal trainer and they have given me the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment while also exploring what kind of personal trainer I want to be in the future.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1) I am the biggest Geek in the gym, I can out nerd everyone doesn’t matter if its comic, movies, T’V, video games, or anime I am a multi-fan-based Geek!

2) I’ve lived In Asia 8 month

3) I have certifications in “Selling Mutual bonds, Bartending, Audio engineering, and live music production” I am a jack of all trades- master in none

4) I proposed to my fiancé at Time Square in New York. ( She said yes so I don’t know whats wrong with her)

Position: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer
Nickname: Kielbasa
Years of Experience: 1+ years
Certification: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Specialties: Cardio/Strength Circuits
Favourite Exercise: Sled Pushes
Favourite Food: Food

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

I enjoy learning more and more about fitness not only so I can improve my own physical and mental well being, but so that I can better help my clients achieve their goals.

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

I first started as a client of Balance Fitness, and it didn’t take long to see that it comes with much more than just your typical gym experience. The staff, PT and management teams provided much more than service, they created a welcoming community for their clients. So when I decided to complete my PT Certification course, I knew I wanted to make my own contribution to that, and applied right away.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1) I like long walks on the beach

2) I can recite Pi to the second decimal place

3) I once jumped out of a plane naked

4) I moonlight as a karaoke superstar

Position: Group Fitness Trainer
Nickname: Dom
Years of Experience: 7+ years
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/CPR
Specialties: Bootcamp classes
Favorite Exercise: cowkicks / Renegade rows
Favorite Food: turkey burgers
Pet Peeve: messy cars

How has health and fitness impacted your life?

I struggled with weight all my childhood and Adolescent years. But When I joined the military I started to love being active and eating healthy. My overall health and mental health have improved beyond measure . I feel more healthier and younger in my thirties then I ever did in my early twenties.

Why did you decide to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

Since leaving the military to become a certified accountant I have missed the motivation and drive from training. I became a trainer at Balance Fitness to share my love and joy of fitness and to keep myself motivated to stay active.

List 4 cool, interesting, or odd Facts about yourself.

1) I served in the Canadian Forces.

2) A former Governor General of Canada has some of my artwork I made in high school

3) I was in a movie . Beethoven 5 .. yep, there was 5 Beethoven movies

4) I once owned and operated 3 pet stores

Position: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer
Nickname: Ninja
Years of experience: 12 years fitness experience, Pro MMA Fighter
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/ CPR
Specialties: Athletic Performance, Mixed Martial Arts, Competition Mindset
Favorite Exercise: Kettlebells
Favorite Food: Everything and Anything
Pet Peeve: Self Doubt

How has Health and fitness affected your life?

It has taught me to pursue a healthy lifestyle and instilled confidence in many areas of my life.

Why did you want to become a Balance Fitness Trainer?

I recently decided to make Halifax my home and when I went to balance Fitness, I found it very welcoming and more like a family, rather than a bunch of people training at a facility… It felt like home.

List 4 cool, odd, interesting facts about yourself.

1) I get immersed in the beat box culture
2) I love waterfalls hiking to waterfalls
3) I really enjoy cliff jumping
4) I have driven from the East Coast to the west coast several times in Canada


Favorite Group Session: Saturday Power Boot camp, Yoga, any full body sessions I really enjoy.
Favorite Food: Sushi
1 Truth about you: I try to tell people nice things I think about them because I believe most people don’t know how
awesome they are.
Favorite thing about Balance Fitness:It’s very welcoming. The people here are so warm. It feels like a big family.

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?
I feel stronger, more confident and learned I can do more than I ever thought I could.

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness?
My anxiety has improved immensely, I joined Hapkido and got my yellow belt, I’m stronger,
more confident and have made incredible friends here.

Favorite Group Session: Lower Body Workout
Favorite Food: Thai Spring Rolls
1 Truth about you: I am a hopeless romantic
Favorite thing about Balance Fitness: That I can be myself and that I am accepted

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?
Balance Fitness has given me confidence and self esteem, allowed me to go for goals I would not have
thought I could accomplish and allowed me to meet some amazing, positive people.

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness?
I completed three six week challenges, losing a total of almost 50 pounds
I completed Mud Hero 10k
I ran my first 5K and 10k marathons
I no longer worry about people looking at me when I workout
I have fallen in love with myself again and started making time for myself
I am sleeping better
I have more confidence
I have gained some awesome friends and mentors

Favorite Group Session: Abs and core.
Favourite food French Vanilla Ice Cream.
One truth about me I am competitive.
Favourite thing about Balance Fitness would have to be the people both the trainers and the clients.
It is truly a unique combination that Balance Fitness has to offer. One where you are made to feel
like you belong right from the very first class.

How has Balance Fitness impacted my life?
The biggest impact balance has had on my life, is it renewed my faith in my own ability to take
control over my own life. Reminded me that my future is up to me, I just have to be willing to put in
the work.

What “Wins” Have I achieved since joining balance Fitness?
My Biggest achievement would be learning to accept myself flaws and all. Mindset Truly does

Favorite Group Session: Cardio Bootcamp
Favorite Food: Potato Salad
1 Truth about you: I love my family with all my heart
Favorite thing about Balance Fitness: The Support and Accountability 

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?
Balance has provided me with a safe space outside my home to not only be physically active but to
also make connections with people.

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness?
My win is the gratitude that fills heart for the continuous encouragement and support I get from the
wonderful, fantastic, LOVING owners, staff and members

Favorite Group Session: 6am Bootcamp to get the day started right 😉

Favorite Food: Steak, Eggs, 🍷🍺😉
1 Truth about you: I love children
Favorite Thing about Balance Fitness: The people and the feel of Community/Family
How has Balance Fitness impacted your life? That list is too long but let’s leave the words IMMENSELY GRATEFUL to have found Balance 🦄

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness? Making myself and all aspects of my health a priority…huge WIN

Favorite Group Fitness Session: Yoga and Boxing
Favorite Food: CHOCOLATE!!! I guess chocolate isn’t a “food” per say, so I guess
option number two is a yummy cheeseburger with lots of yummy toppings!

1 Truth about you: I hate pumpkin and pumpkin spice (I’m a complicated white girl), I
love cardio #cardioqueen, my daughter is my world!!! Ok that’s was 3 but I couldn’t
choose one lol

Favorite thing about Balance Fitness:
We are a family, we are always there for each other when we need that push, or for
accountability or when you need a shoulder to cry on!

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life? Omg in so many ways, when I
joined Balance Fitness I was lost, felt alone and in the dark. Now I’m honestly
happy! I’m happy with who I am, what I can do and joining Balance Fitness has
helped get to this point in my life! Honestly Balance Fitness saved my life!

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness? There have been SOOOOO MANY!!
I hit the weight goal that I set for myself 6 years ago! 170lbs I litterally cried on the
scale when it was below that number , but this isn’t my biggest win!

I fell in love with myself again!! And I have sooo much more confidence then I’ve ever
had, and important victory but not the biggest!

I’ve learned to run, and I’ve completed 5km bluenose with a personal best, 5 and
10km back to back at Maritime Race weekend with another set of personal bests and
I’m currently training to complete a 1/2 Marathon in May 2020! This honestly makes me
feel like a bad ass, but it’s not my biggest win

I’ve had the ability to restart my yoga practice! This has brought me a center and
created calm to be able who I need to be, but still not my biggest win!

I’ve learned to celebrate the little wins everyday something new that I couldn’t do the
day before, were getting close but not quite…….

And most important in my eyes, I’ve learned to be an example for my daughter!
Showing her that investing time into yourself is worth every penny! That a healthy
balanced lifestyle isn’t hard to achieve it just take time and dedication!

Favourite group session: Boxing
Favourite food: Eggs Benedict or maybe just hollandaise sauce to put on things 😋😂
Favourite things about balance fitness: it’s one big crazy family so much love an support.
How has balance fitness impacted your life? So many learning tools an knowledge given, support, an most of all knowing I’m not the only one struggling with health/ mental health/ fittest ❤️
What “wins” have you achieved since joining balance fitness? meal plans, working more on mindset an listening more to my body

Favorite Group Session: Cardio Bootcamps
Favorite Food: Guilty pleasure pasta but love hummus & veggies too 😋
1 Truth about you: I am a clean freak! Haha
Favorite Thing about Balance Fitness: the classes and trainers!
How has Balance Fitness impacted your life? Balance has given my life balance! 😁. It gives me some me time so I can be the best mama to my two kiddos
What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness: More mindfulness on what I eat and understanding my relationship with food. Getting fit and having fun doing it 😁

Favorite Group Session: 6am lower body
Favorite Food: chicken curry
1 Truth about you: very private. Have a hard time sharing myself with others.

Favorite thing about Balance Fitness: group fitness sessions
Love the support and accountability of my classmates

1. How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?
Gets me up in the morning. Literally. I used to be so sluggish and considered myself not a morning person. Now I’m up at the crack of dawn whether it’s a gym day or a rest day.

2. What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness?
I’ve lost some weight, gained some confidence and made myself a priority again.

Favorite Group Session:
6 am Bootcamps!

Favorite Food:
I don’t like Nutella or eggplant. Too many favourites to name one!

1 Truth about you
: My facial expressions reveals what I am thinking, not good at lying

Favorite Thing about Balance Fitness:
No judgment everyone is encouraging

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?

Gave me the tools to loose weight, become stronger, more confident

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness? LOTS!

Favorite Group Fitness Session: I like the power bootcamps on Saturday and Sunday as well as the
boxing and yoga classes with Shelby
Favorite Food: Pizza and chicken
Favorite Thing about Balance Fitness: It feels like a family

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life?
It has helped me focus on and achieve goals

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness?
I would say weight loss but what i think is more important is the self awareness

Favorite Group Session: I love the afternoon boot camps cause if I had a frustrating day then I can come and let it all out 😊😊

Favorite Food: steak and potatoes 🤤🤤

1 Truth about you: I am a very outgoing/weird person, but once you get to know me you know my weird 😉

Favorite Thing about Balance Fitness: I absolutely love the vibe and the support everyone gives there not just the trainers/bosses, but the people there as well 🥰🥰

How has Balance Fitness impacted your life? That if you fall and can’t seem to get back up, you have your balance fitness family there to pick you up and push you to your true best self ! ❤️❤️

What “Wins” have you achieved since joining Balance Fitness? That I never thought I could deadlift anything above 100lbs but first attempt and I did 205lbs I was so happy 😁😁